variations on a theme (after Erik Bünger's work)
a screening programme on performing (with) music
Berlin,, 2007

Oliver Blomeier
in my studio (recording my studio), 2001
A spiral line of 2 KM, scratched in the studio floor, forming a record, defining a dancefloor.

Julien Collieux
Internationale Concert, 2005
The workers hymn The Internationale – performed with whistles by a group of people walking on a pattern drawn on the street functioning as the choreography of rhythms.

Erik Bünger
Variations on a theme by Casey & Finch, 2002
The piece is based on the idea of – with a nine-man-band – recreating the sound of a CD getting stuck. The chorus line of the disco tune 'That’s the way I like it' has been chopped up into short fragments, the order of the fragments rearranged and the result written out as a score.

discoteca flaming star & François Boué
Aladlona 2 (I love you green), 2006
In Aladlona (I love you green) DFS brings a “bellydance-piece” onto the stage. musicians and dancers pollinate a bellydance-instrumental into a noiserockpiece with pop lyrics. Un-preparation, half-preparation and improvisation in dance and in music are interweaved collage-like with an arrangement of oriental instrumentals. The performance longs for excessive intemperateness and the undermining of hierarchies. A de-exoticized space where pleasure could be found.

Iain Forsythe & Jane Pollard
File under Sacred Music, 2003
File under Sacred Music re-enacts the infamous video documenting of a live performance by The Cramps for the patients at Napa Mental Institute, California, on 13th June 1978.

Oliver Hangl
Lover's Walk (in 30 easy versions), 2003
Lovers’ Walk is based on a short S8-trickfilm which was originally shot together with Hungarian artist Andrea Gergely in 1998. The film shows a young man in a park playing his guitar. Oliver Hangl commissioned 30 Austrian and international musicians each to compose an exclusive soundtrack for the film. From Pop to Rock across Electrofluff to Jazz and Modern Classics and all that‘s missing here …